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Anglophilia & Elegance


Beautiful Pictures l © Werner Kunz


Ter Worm Castle, Netherlands


Haarlem, Netherlands

Christening of Prince Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands (L to R): Prime Minister Jelle Zijlstra, Prince Bernhard, Prince Claus, Count Ferdinand Von Bismarck, Baroness Gösta von Amsberg, Queen Juliana, Princess Beatrix, Prince Willem-Alexander, Princess Armgard von Lippe-Biesterfeld, Princess Margrethe of Denmark, and Mrs. Van Loon. 2 September 1967.

WA & Ariane | Daddy & Me | 2/10

13/50 Photos of the A-Team

WA & Ariane | Daddy & Me | 5/10

WA & Ariane | Daddy & Me | 4/10


Peleş Castle, Romania (by Curious Expeditions)

A devotion & dedication to Anglo-Saxony, Royalty, Nobility, Gentility ~ In Humble Loyalty to our earthly monarch as an example of our obedience to The King of Kings & His Great Throne on High where the Lord God Almighty Reigns Forever & Ever. Amen!

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